Wednesday, September 13, 2006


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Marcy was being treated for a split personality by her doctor that she is charged with murdering. She just learned that she suffered from this identity disorder last month after her husband left her, He found her in bed with the gardener. She did not have any recollection of the affair just as she hadn't any recollection of the murder, Unaware that on the other side of town they had just discovered the other murder victim that they assumed she killed.

Marcy lay on the cot with tears running down her face, why, why did you kill our doctor? She kept repeating over in her mind hoping the personality that she had only heard of would answer her with an explanation. Marcy went into the dark room where she always went when she was scared, riding the giant rocking horse ever since she was a tiny child, she always heard laughter until the evil giggle tried to break her ear drums. The horrible screech that she just completely blacked out to escape from it's evilness that it projected to her and the other voices. She could hear crying. . . She sat up smiling on her cot, taking in her surroundings and wanting a cigarette so bad she felt she was going crazy. She walked to the open door to her cell looking at all the other women who were sitting down stairs playing cards at the long brown tables.
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