Friday, August 25, 2006

A day in the life of a stripper

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*Sample from the story*

I decided to give the pole a good ride tonight. Wearing only my black baby doll and heals I grabbed the pole and pull myself into it. The cold steel between my breast and against my pelvis I wrap my leg around the pole. I now felt the cold steal against my pussy. My nipples became hard, my pussy began to get juicy. I leaned my neck and head backwards hanging onto the pole with one hand.

I then began to move my hips in circles to the beat of the song black velvet. I stepped away from the pole and with my back to the crowd I look back over my shoulder with pouty lips. I began to playfully remove my black baby dolls matching thong.
Bending over and showing my ass as I pull the sides of my thong down. I swivelled my hips and shake my ass. I got down on all fours stretching my legs at the crowd as I gave them a good view of my shaved pussy. I crawl over the stage to where ccyman was sitting and before he knew it I was standing over him.

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